Pay Bill Get Big Surprise

When customers pay bill or top up through CenPay service.

Until 03/01/2019

When customers come to pay bills or refill through CenPay service at the cashier counter. FamilyMart, Central Food Hall & Tops, Central, Robinson, B2S, OfficeMate, Thai Watsadu, HomeWorks, Baan & Beyond, Power Buy, Segafredo ,Matsumoto, Kiyoshi and Super Sports. Will have the right to win. "Central Gift Voucher" worth 100,000 baht per month including 10 prizes worth 1,000,000 baht Announcing the reward date on 3 Apr, 4 Jun, 3 Jul, 3 Aug, 3 Sep, 3 Oct, 2 Nov, 3 Dec 61 and 3 Jan 62 announce the winners of the 5th day of every month [via] (

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