Terms & Conditions

The 1 Central Limited (referred to as "the Company") offers a Loyalty Program accessible through The 1 Application, www.the1.co.th and other platforms (collectively, "Platform")  to provide the service to all users of the Platform ("Users"). The Users who desire to register to be The 1 member("Members") can  verify the current points balance and points that will expire, update personal data, review promotional offers from the Company and/or other associated businesses within the Central Group and the business partners, redeem points based on company-defined criteria, transfer or exchange points with business partners, engage in communications, receive updates and explore benefits, points management in various ways, including accessing Platforms of businesses under the Central Group umbrella and their partners. Furthermore, the Company might introduce other purposes and functionalities in the future. Users and Members can conveniently access these features via computers, laptops, mobile phones, and other electronic devices.

Upon accessing the Platform's services, those interested in using the Platform will have access to a primary service format. This allows Users to modify data and view the Company's promotional offerings. However, the Users who not register to be the 1 member will not accumulate points or gain special privileges exclusive to The 1 member. To enjoy these additional benefits as the Members, Users must apply and meet the company's specified conditions to become the Members to utilize and receive the various benefits associated with being a Members.

By using the Platform, the Users/Members acknowledge and agree to be bound this terms and conditions. This includes providing the Company with the required information including but not limited to the personal data. Users should thoroughly review this terms and conditions as specified below before engaging in any transactions or activities on this Platform. Accessing the Platform's services implies accepting and agreeing to these terms. The Company reserves the right to modify, alter, or revoke these terms and conditions and/or other agreements on the Platforms without prior notice to Users or Members.


I intend to use the Platform's service and hereby acknowledge, agree to, and accept the following terms and conditions.

1. Users who seek to register on the Platform must provide specific details as specified by the Company i.e. phone numbers and email addresses. They must adhere to and abide by the service's terms and conditions.

2. To finalize registration, Users must confirm the one-time password (OTP) provided by the Company within the stipulated time and subsequently create a secure password. Users must keep this password confidential, ensuring it's not disclosed or compromised.

3. Users who desire to be a member need to submit a detailed application in line with company guidelines. Upon the company's approval, they will be granted membership status. Like all users, you must respect and adhere to the service's terms and conditions.

4. Users/Members affirm that all information shared with the company via the Platform is accurate and up-to-date, including primary user data and comprehensive member information. It's understood that phone numbers and email addresses will serve as login credentials, point accumulation mechanisms, and also be a channel for news and promotional updates for the entire duration of Platform usage.

5. By using the Platform, the User/Member recognizes and accepts that the Company doesn't ensure content completeness or guarantee the Platform's immunity from viruses or other potential threats to mobile devices.

6. Before initiating any transactions on the Platform, Members acknowledge and agree to verify their first and last name, membership number, and accrued points as displayed on the Platform, applications and emails based on the contact details they've provided. This verification is necessary for every transaction conducted.

7. Members commit to review the terms related to benefits, point redemption rates and other activity participation guidelines available on the Platform before accessing the benefits or participating in any activities.

8. Upon using the Platform it implies that the Users/Members accept this terms and conditions and all updates or changes to the terms and conditions. The Users and Members agree to commit in full without  prior notification.

9. Users/Members grant the Company to collect, use, disclose or transfer personal data to foreign countries  and any act subject to the Personal Data Protection Act 2019 and the company's privacy policy. To further understand these details, Users/Members can refer to the company's privacy policy at www.the1.co.th/en/privacy.

10. The Platform may contain advertisements, hyperlinks, or deep links directing to third-party websites or applications. This includes, but is not limited to, links related to Central Group companies, affiliates, associated firms, or business partners. It's essential to understand that these external platforms or applications are not a part of controlled or overseen by the Company. When Users/Members access these links it will be deemed to have exited the Company's Platform and proceed entirely at their own risk. The company cannot warrant the accuracy or reliability of the information on third-party sites and accepts no responsibility for any losses or damages incurred from referencing third-party content. Displaying an advertisement does not indicate the Company's endorsement or recommendation.

11. If deemed necessary, the Company reserves the right to suspend, alter or terminate its services, including modifying promotional content on the Platform, without prior notification.

12. Upon reviewing accumulated points, the displayed balance reflects the most recent purchases as of that date. However, for purchases made on the same day through the Company or its business partners, these points may be added and reflected on the following day or as per the terms set by the Company or such partners. Members can independently check their point balances via the Platform, as well as through applications associated with the Central Group, its affiliates, related entities, business partners and any other companies to which Members have permitted disclosure and the Company has agreed to reveal these points.

13. Upon Members redeem reward points through the Platform, they will be instantly processed and deducted from their remaining points.

14. Upon point redemption on the Platform, the company won't send a confirmation email detailing the transaction. However, members can access their point redemption history on the company's Platform under the "Usage History" section or other company-specified channels.

15. Once members finalize the redemption or transfer of accumulated points on the Platform, they cannot seek a return or refund of those points for any causes.

16. For redemptions involving 4,000 points or more through alternate channels, Members will receive a SMS notification. If Members ensure that they did not initiate this transaction, they should reach out to 02-660-1000 within 7 days. In cases of disputes that surpass this period, the Company's decision is final.

17. If there are any dispute concerning accumulated points, Members acknowledge and consent to the Company's right to audit and adjust point accumulations for a period not exceeding 6 months. This also includes the resolution of any conflicts or disagreements. In such instances, the Company's decision is final and binding.

18. Whenever points are redeemed or transferred, the nearing expiration points will be the first to be deducted.

19. Points accumulated are valid for 2 (two) years from the purchase year of the product. The Company will assess and finalize point totals on the last calendar day of each year. Before making any point redemptions on the Platform, Members are required to confirm their first and last names, membership number and point balance as displayed on the Platform.

20. The expiration dates for membership points acquired from promotions or other special circumstances may vary. Each promotional activity will have its own set terms dictated by the company from the product or service purchase date. It is the member's responsibility to verify the specific validity periods and conditions.

21. The company strictly discourages buying or selling accumulated points. Points procured from such actions will not be considered for redemption towards any benefits. Additionally, the Company holds no liability for any consequences arising from these unauthorized transactions.

22. The benefits offered by the Company to individual members might differ based on their purchase history, promotional activities for various products and/or the company's overarching marketing strategy.

23. If Members return a product bought from a store affiliated with the Company's program, the Company will restore the points originally awarded to the member. This includes reinstating any rewards redeemed using these points or offering cash refunds equivalent to the prize's value.


Registering for being a member

1. Users can become members by registering and providing complete and accurate information as specified by the Company included their name, surname, phone number, date of birth, national ID card number or passport number and require the approval from the Company. Users will be bound by and must comply with this terms and conditions for membership of The 1. After completing all the processing mentioned above, Users will be recognized as a Members and will receive member status along with various benefits of being the Members, such as accumulating points and special privileges. However, incomplete registrations may not receive approval for membership.

2. The Company reserves the right to cancel membership if there is no accumulation, redemption, or transfer of accumulated points for a consecutive 3-year period, and there are no remaining accumulated points.

3. Users acknowledges that the Company has the right to use the Smart Card Reader to read the Thai national ID card or use tablet to scan the passport and download the personal data for registering The 1 membership via the Platform.

4. Users agree to and accepts the terms and conditions of membership that are currently enforced at the time of registering the Platform services through all available channels. This includes complying with any terms and conditions that may be modified or amended from time to time occasionally in the future.

5. Users warrant that the information provided to the Company during registration as a Members is accurate and complete, particularly ensuring that the mobile phone number or personal email provided is currently in use.

6. Users must not be under the age of 10, not be an incompetent person or a quasi-incompetent person.

7.  Thai citizen Users must register by using their national ID card number only.

8. The Company does not allow re-applying for new member accounts, 1 account per member only and reserves the right to reject Members registration, cancel Members status or change any terms and benefits without specifying the cause or giving prior notice.

9. Foreigner Users must register by using their passport number only.

10. In the event of disputes regarding collecting points or a Member's failure to comply with the aforementioned condition and/or any other conditions, the Company has the authority to investigate and/or temporarily suspend the Member's account without prior notice. The company's decision shall be final.

11. The Company reserves the right to reject Members registration, cancel Members status or change any terms and benefits without specifying the cause or giving prior notice.


Modification to the personal information of members/users.

1. For the benefit of using the platform and receiving benefits for Users/members. Users/members must keep their personal information up-to-date at all times.

2. Users/members can modify your personal information by yourself via the Platform specified by the Company.

3. To request modification of personal information specific to members You can contact and edit via Customer Service Center The 1 Call Center number 02-660-1000 (Every day from 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.)

4. In the case that members/users have more than 1 member accounts and require to merge all accounts. There must be an identity document showing account ownership for company approval.


If you do not want to receive marketing communication from the Company and/or companies of Central Group and/or its affiliates and or/its business partner, please contact the Company at contact@the1.co.th or customer service at Tel. 02-660-1000 all days from 9.00 to 22.00 or contact the public relation department of our stores.