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The 1 for Business Solutions
Make your sales take off and grow your markets with well-planned strategies and effective solutions from The 1 for Business
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Loyalty & Rewards
Maintain customer relations and generate repeat purchases through loyalty points programs in which customers can earn and redeem points for privileges
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Data & Insights
Gain deep insight into customers to tailor products, services and promotional campaigns
the 1 biz data enrichment
Reach & Engagement
Reach the target groups through the right communication channels for better results
How can The 1 for Business help your business grow?
With The 1 for Business, you will gain an access to a database of over 19 million customers with a platform for immediate growth, from anywhere, anytime.
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Retain existing customers
The more your customers earn, the more they want to spend.
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Recruit new customers
Explore new sales opportunities and channels.
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Track spending behavior
Monitor data penetration in real time.
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Insight into customers true needs
Communicate tailored messages and promotions
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Better sales opportunities with ideas for strategy
Be part of your customers' lifestyles with real insights and understandings.
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Better ideas for products and services
Power your business with endless growth.
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We will get back to you with the best solution for your business.

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